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The Pinnacles of Power
Complete Collection


"Jessica Lauryn does an amazing job, drawing her readers in from the very start with amazing plot twists, action, and scorching hot chemistry between hero and heroine. If you haven't already read this amazing series, I definitely recommend The Pinnacles of Power Series!"
     – Jennifer Labelle, Labelle Books


Amidst diamond heists, murder and deadly secrets, love still finds a way to take root. But with obstacles around every corner, five couples struggle against all odds to get what—and who—they want.

In Dangerous Secret, Abigail MacKenzie is trying to get over her father’s tragic death. But when a handsome stranger provides a clue that might lead to her father’s killer she becomes determined to get justice and will face any danger—even if it comes from a man whose eyes cut straight through the walls around her heart.

In Dangerous Proposal, Alec Westwood is running from his past. After abandoning an assignment he couldn’t bring himself to complete, Alec has attempted to start a new life. But when a beautiful woman crosses his path bearing the insignia of the organization that had recruited him, he suspects his former crime boss may not be far behind. And as he works to learn the truth behind Lena Benson’s sudden appearance in North Conway, Alec realizes that his attraction to the enemy may be greater than all his strength and fortitude combined.

In Dangerous Proposition, Julia Dyson’s father has been abducted and she suspects his illicit profession is to blame. Upon discovering a familiar name in her father’s phone history, she decides to confront the prime suspect in his disappearance, her teenage crush, Colin Westwood. Though he refuses to admit to foul play, Colin agrees to take Julia to New York with him to find her missing father. But the passion that ignites between them is something neither of them are expecting, or are prepared for.

In Dangerous Ally, reporter Lilah Benson wants to write the story of a lifetime. She goes undercover working for diamond smuggling kingpin Lucas Ramone, but doesn’t expect the man to be so charming…or seductive. Lucas Ramone is not about to let Project Gemstone be stolen out from under him. But when he meets his ex-fiancé’s enchanting younger sister, he realizes Lilah Benson holds great power where he’s concerned, and he fears she may be his complete undoing.

In Dangerous Magic, Corinne Johnson was separated from her children after a strange discovery in her husband’s briefcase. She attempts to rebuild her family, but when she has a steamy dream about her previous coworker, Jack, her plans become derailed. Wiccan Jack Madera is on a quest to find his biological father. But he didn’t plan on running into Corinne Johnson. Drawn to the woman he’s always shared a deep connection with, Jack casts a spell that takes the two down a path they never saw coming. 




The Pinnacles of Power (Complete Collection)

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“Enjoyable, fast-paced romantic suspense!” – Ellen Hogan, Readers Favorite

“Jessica Lauryn sure knows how to make a scene hot & spicy! She can convey an image of passion that leaves her readers panting!”
– Jessy Johnson, BookEnd 2 BookEnd

“If you haven't already read this amazing series, I definitely recommend The Pinnacles of Power Series."
– Jennifer Labelle, Labelle Books

“Jessica Lauryn is a top notch author who brings murder-mystery, romance and suspense together to create an enthralling, page-turning read which keeps you hooked from the first page!” – Alicia Fiori, Take A Break Reads

“Jessica Lauryn weaves an excellent tale of intrigue, romance and suspense.” – That’s What I’m Talking About



from Dangerous Ally

“Lilah, you’re a guest in this room, as well as this house,” Lucas said. “You don’t have to turn down my bed. That’s not why you’re here.”

“No.” Lilah looked at the floor, avoiding his tender gaze. “I’m here because of the nightmare, which, I’ve basically put out of my mind. So, I think it’s time I start sleeping in my own room again.”

Lucas came toward her, taking her hands in his. He lowered his voice. “Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Of course it wasn’t what she wanted. Dear God, she wanted him to rip the nightgown from her body and kiss every last inch of her skin! But if she stayed with him another night, that was exactly what was going to happen. She was beginning to forget why it was a bad thing.

“Have I done something to upset you?” Lucas asked, brushing her face with the tips of his fingers.

Lilah shook her head, doing her best to ignore how warm he was making her feel. “Not at all. You’ve been wonderful to me, Lucas, nicer than any guy’s ever been. I just can’t stay in this room another night. I’m afraid if I do, that I’ll…”

“If you do, that you’ll what?” He tipped her chin, forcing it upward. It was the first time he’d ever been rough with her, or anything less than gentle for that matter. “You’re afraid I’ll take advantage of you?”

“Of course not. I—”

“Force you to be with me? Coerce you into a marriage and lock you away, like Lena believed I was going to? Maybe I haven’t changed, Lilah, and you saw what you wanted to in me to justify your own feelings. Go ahead. I won’t keep you when it’s obvious you’re no longer comfortable here.”

Her cheeks flamed with anger as she deliberately thought up the meanest thing she could say back. “Maybe you really are the monster everyone says.”

“If that’s true,” Lucas demanded, “then why didn’t it bother you last night? You’ve slept in my bed for two nights, not showing the slightest indication of fear. So why don’t you tell me the real reason you’re reluctant to stay here tonight?”

Lilah was dumbfounded. What could she say? That she couldn’t sleep in the same bed with him because she wanted him so badly it kept her up in the middle of the night? That she thought constantly of touching him, of inching her way against his body, of making the mistake she’d sworn she wouldn’t since the day they’d met?

“Do you think it was easy for me,” Lucas asked, his voice falling to a whisper, “lying next to you the last two nights, knowing you were right there and I could just reach out and touch your soft skin? No other man in his right mind would have undergone that amount of torture. Yet, I behaved like a gentleman. I did that because I care about you.”

His tone grew angered as he released her. “I can’t do it another night. If you stay with me, I won’t hold back. I’m giving you a choice. You can leave right now, and I’ll never pressure you about this again. It’ll be like it never happened.”

Lilah eyed the door, her last chance for escape. The sensible thing to do—the only thing to do—was leave, and never look back. But her legs remained in place. Her body ached with heat at the wicked thought of Lucas touching her, of him kissing her neck and throat, the sensitive spots behind her ears. She was dying for him to hold her against his body, to admire his broad chest. She’d never even seen him without a shirt.

“What are you waiting for?” Lucas asked impatiently.

Lilah took a deep breath. “I’m not leaving,” she said firmly.

“Then you leave me no choice,” he said and pressed his warm, open mouth against hers.

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